Social Media Moments: Once More with Meaning


We’ve all explored moment marketing before, but frequently, when brands try to weave in social media to a moment marketing strategy, they often lack agility and are doing it off the cuff, resulting in average results.

To elevate your social media marketing moments and ensure they’re hitting the mark, we’ve compiled four key tips to help you on your way.




There are loads of marketers out there who make intuitive decisions about who their customers are. At IF, we always advise you to look at the data before making any decisions. Look at who’s transacted, identify the demographics behind them and where possible, supplement these details with psychographic data. Psychographic data is vital for your social and as it gives you detail into the keywords, behaviours, interests, and intent of individuals engaging with your brand.

These keywords are imperative for your paid media strategy as these enable you to refine your audiences to ensure the ads you’re serving only reach members of your relevant audience, driving greater resonance and ad success.


Content Pillars


When considering your social strategy which will enable you to capitlise on marketing moments, it’s important to build and understand content pillars. Your content pillars are built on keywords, topics, visual types, values, and messaging. When curating any form of content, ensure that it goes through your entire content filter so that the outputs reflect your brand identity and resonate with your audience. Watch the video below for a quick visual preview into what your content filter should look like.


Personality & Tone


Developing your personality and tone is a complex but vital task. As a brand you need to know when you can be fun and when you need to be serious, when you can be tongue in cheek or when to be respectful. The optimal way to develop your personality and tone to suit your brand is to conduct workshops with a trusted partner who can help you navigate through the challenge and create a personality and tone that resonates with your audience.




A moment is just a moment whereas a customer journey covers awareness, consideration, and conversion. That’s why you can’t bank your entire customer journey on a single marketing moment, you’ll just come up short.

Therefore, you need to consider how your marketing moments can pivot into a full nudge nurture campaign, so that you can guide your customers through the consideration phase right through to conversion and then re-targeting. It’s all too common for businesses to race ahead after any marketing moment, which can sadly, can lead to ineffective moments.

Social media moments should be considered as ‘flags in the ground’. Flags that are taken notice of and used to trigger awareness. But you must always be asking yourself how you can stretch that awareness over the coming weeks, months, and quarters.

Watch the full Serious Social Live where CJ, Managing Director of IF goes into more detail on social media marketing moments below. Contact us to find out how you can position yourself to be able to capitalise on your next social media moment.

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