Social Media Statistics you must know in 2022

Social media is everywhere and it has become one of the primary marketing channels over the last two decades.

We are looking at StatusBrew which has shared significant social media stats that marketers should know in 2022.

Facebook Statistics 2022

With over 2.8 billion monthly active users around the world, Facebook dominates the world of social media networks. 

Instagram Statistics 2022

The aesthetics and ease of use of the platform make it one of the most engaging social platforms for B2B brands looking to connect with their audience.

Twitter Statistics 2022

The mainstream social media platform where trends begin and people freely carry out discussions and open their hearts out.

LinkedIn Statistics 2022

LinkedIn has become an integral tool for job seekers, recruiters, businesses, and professionals.

TikTok Statistics 2022

The entertaining, creative, and trending content app has continuously been drawing people in, becoming one of the most popular and well-known social networking apps.

Hopefully, these stats can help you spark some new ideas or guide you in creating a strong social media strategy this year.

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