Social media trends to watch out for in 2022

Marketers, it’s that time of the year again. With less than a month until New Years, we’re looking ahead at trends that will dominate in 2022 on social media.


  1. TikTok remains the biggest influence on social


In 2020, TikTok was the world’s most downloaded app, with more and more consumers choosing to use the platform. Experts predict that its fast growth will continue in the next year too.


  1. Reaching new audiences


Reports say that 76% of marketers will change their goals in 2022, with the top priority being increasing brand awareness and reaching new audiences.


  1. More social media expertise


As we enter 2022, companies are looking for more effective tools for generating revenue. They’ve started to recognise dedicated social media hires as a powerful way to grow their business and be part of conversations.


  1. Augmented Reality (AR)


After proving its effectiveness in past few years, experts believe that more brands will start using AR in 2022 to enable consumers to test products before purchase.


  1. More usage of Instagram and Twitter in the B2B space


The power of Instagram and Twitter in the social media space is undoubtable. As those platforms continue to succeed, more marketers from the B2B industry will start investing in both channels in the next year.


  1. Influencer marketing


Perhaps nobody will be surprised to hear that influencer marketing remains a strong avenue to explore in 2022. However, it will be important for brands to align with the influencers that make the most sense for their offerings. This will include influencers with potentially smaller but more engaged audiences, and those who specialise in more niche topics.


  1. Social selling will grow


Businesses have worked hard to improve shopping experiences so that users can purchase products without ever leaving their sites. As we head into 2022, more brands will leverage social selling to reach potential new prospects.


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