Imagining social media as a party helps to make sense of the best way to approach it as a brand and importantly how you should behave.


Let’s meet three different party goers to explain what we mean.


You walk into the party and introduce yourself to the first person you see standing nearby. That person answers your questions – name, where they live etc – but after 5 mins you realise you aren’t getting anything back in terms of conversation. It’s all one-way chat driven by you, and quite frankly it’s boring and uncomfortable. So, you move on.


Person number two is much chattier and more animated and you happily listen to what they say. Minutes go by and it slowly dawns on you that they are only talking about themselves. But you politely wait to see if the conversation steers in a different direction or if you get a chance to contribute. It doesn’t. Again, it’s boring so you make your excuse and move on.


As you slip into the kitchen you notice a bunch of guests happily laughing and chatting. Person number three is engaging, witty and more importantly bringing everyone together to have a conversation. Everyone chips in, new people are included and are listened to, it’s now a fun occasion. Finally!


So, what does this tell us about how brands should (and shouldn’t) behave on social media? Be chatty, invite your audience to contribute and then join in when they do. Chat because you want to and because you have something to offer. Not saying anything or equally just talking about yourself (buy me!), is a party guest turn off. As is being stilted in your conversation with nothing of interest to say.


Are you ready to party?

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