Social Snapshot – 01.02.2023

Navigating the ever-changing landscape of social media can be a challenge, but take a deep breath—we’ve got you covered! Let us take the reins and deliver the most relevant social media news right to your fingertips. 👇

LinkedIn introduces new newsletter discovery tools 🛠

These tools allow users to search for and discover newsletters related to their interests and industry. The addition of these tools aims to provide users with more personalised content recommendations and help them stay informed about current trends and developments in their field. Find out more here.

TikTok adds new video insights 📈

The data suggests that videos with clear and concise messaging, inclusive representation, and engaging music tend to perform best. Additionally, TikTok’s algorithm prioritises relevant content that resonates with its audience, so marketers should consider cultural trends and current events when creating ads. Find out more here.

Twitter CoTweets fly off into the sunset 🌅

Collaborative tweets which allowed multiple users to contribute to a single tweet in real-time has been discontinued. The reason for cancelling the experiment has not been specified, but it may have been due to technical difficulties or a lack of user engagement. Find out more here.

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