As always, there’s a lot going on in the world of social media. The top players have been busy introducing updates – from e-commerce roll outs to Bitmojis (yes, MORE Bitmoji). So, buckle up, grab your notebook and get your social media on.

Pinterest adds ‘shop’ tab

The e-commerce trend continues, with Pinterest adding a ‘Shop’ tab of its own. Users can now find buyable items based on an image. The process is enabled through the expansion of Shoppable Pins, making it easier for Shopify merchants to upload their entire product offerings to the platform.

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Batch-delete old posts on Facebook

A new ‘Manage Activity’ feature has been launched, which will allow users  to shrink their digital footprint and mass-delete posts using filters for dates, people tagged and content type.

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Facebook Pages App can now send customised marketing emails

Replicating a full CRM system, Facebook Business Hub now houses promotional emails. Page managers will need to confirm their page mail address and then manually add email contacts to their database – which will require explicit permission from contacts.

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LinkedIn has announced new features for advertisers

New retargeting features have been announced on LinkedIn. Retargeting features have been expanded on video ads and lead-generation forms, as well as new brand safety integrations for the LinkedIn Audience Network.

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Facebook Avatars are rolling out in the US

Much like Bitmojis (or EXACTLY like Bitmojis), Facebook has begun rolling out avatars across the US. US audiences can now create cartoon versions of themselves and attach them to their instant messages.

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For more on these updates and how they may affect your business, drop us a line. We’d be happy to chat through.

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