SOCIAL SNAPSHOT — 03.04.2024

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Prepare yourself for another social media snapshot! Weekly, we summarise the newest developments in social media to ensure you stay informed. Let’s dive right into the key highlights 👇

LinkedIn Tests New Video Tab

LinkedIn is testing a new video tab similar to TikTok, reflecting the growing popularity of vertical video. While this move may attract more engaging content, such as “hustle culture” clips, the challenge lies in maintaining quality for professional and business-related content. This shift offers new advertising opportunities and content strategies. Stay tuned as LinkedIn refines its video feed to better align with evolving trends. Read more here.

LinkedIn Video Tab

TikTok Expands STEM Feed

TikTok is broadening its science-based STEM feed, offering educational content aimed at younger users. The feed will feature expert insights and undergo fact-checking. Users under 18 will have access by default, promoting education and critical thinking. Find out more here.


Replying to @shanac19 Well, the LHC is already on, but we are planning to switch to regular data-taking on that day. It’s got nothing to do with interesting astronomical events happening on that day, though (we can’t even see the eclipse from Geneva ☹️) #CERN #collider #eclipse

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Followers Don’t Really Matter

Head of Instagram/Threads emphasises the importance of engagement metrics over follower counts. While follower counts are prominent and easy to access, he suggests evaluating an account’s relevance based on likes per post and views per reel. Join the conversation here.

Follower counts matter less than view and like counts. I understand why people focus so much on follower counts; they’re prominent and they’re easy to find. But if you actually want to get a sense for how relevant an account is, look at their how many likes they get per post and how many views per reel instead.

Adam Mosseri

Declining X Usage

A new report shows a 30% decline in X (formerly Twitter) usage, echoing findings from other reports. Despite efforts to maintain engagement, X’s growth stagnation raises concerns. Ad partners should consider audience presence on X, but overall trends suggest it may become niche. The report also reflects on social media evolution, including past platforms like Vine. Read the full report here.

Snapchat’s Latest Updates

Snapchat introduces new features for enhanced creativity and personalisation. Users can now easily create high-quality videos with Templates, enjoy longer video options for uninterrupted storytelling, and seamlessly toggle between quick and advanced content capture. Advanced AI-powered Lenses offer limitless creative possibilities, while Snapchat+ users can pose with friends’ Bitmoji in Friendship Profiles and “Bitmojify” their pets on Snap Map. Get the details here.

Pinterest Field Guide

Non-Engagement Signals provide valuable insights into user preferences and content quality, guiding platforms to showcase higher-quality content. Pinterest’s recently unveiled “Field Guide to Non-Engagement Signals” offers actionable strategies for integrating these signals into content ranking algorithms. From fine-tuning emotional well-being to scaling content quality signals with Generative AI, platforms can enhance user retention and cultivate a more informed digital environment. Learn more here.

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Get ready for another social snapshot! Each week, we recap the latest social media updates to keep you informed. Let’s jump straight into the highlights: 
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