Social snapshot – 03.07.2024

Get ready for another social media snapshot! Each week, we summarise the latest developments to keep you informed. Let’s dive into the key highlights from the last 7 days:

WhatsApp tests new AI selfie generator tool

Meta is introducing a new AI feature to WhatsApp: an image creation tool that allows you to place yourself in fantastical scenes for your profile picture.

Find out more here.

Meta updates its AI labels

Meta is adjusting its “Made with AI” labels to clarify their meaning when displayed in-stream. Some Facebook and Instagram users were unhappy that their uploads were tagged as “Made with AI” despite only minor digital retouching. To address this, Meta has changed the label to the less definitive “AI Info.

Discover more here.

YouTube now offers channel @handles in 75 languages

After launching @handles for channels in 2022, YouTube is now extending this feature to more languages, enabling creators from additional regions to utilize their short channel listings.

As per YouTube:

“Creators and viewers will be able to customize their unique handle in their preferred language. Handles are displayed across YouTube, on Shorts, and in comments, so be sure to select a handle in your preferred language that you’re comfortable with as your public identity.”

TikTok launches creative webinar for SMBs

TikTok has announced a new “Mastering Creative Performance” webinar for SMBs, offering a variety of insights, tips, and tactics to enhance your TikTok branding strategy.

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And more from TikTok – #BackToSchool campaign playbook

TikTok has released a campaign playbook featuring audience insights, back-to-school trends, creative tools, and solution bundles for various marketing goals.

Find out more details here.

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