Social Snapshot – 03.04.19

Fallen behind on the past week’s news? Fear not, we’re here for you with a roundup of the best updates and tips that we want to shout about


Instagram tests letting you scroll through videos.

REWIND! #Instagram seems to be testing out a seek bar which allows users to scroll through videos 


‘They just don’t want any competition’: Snapchat creators say they’re getting fewer brand deals.

#Snapchat creators report that business isn’t quite booming with fewer sponsored content opportunities and a decline in reach 


How to put some pep in your Instagram story step.

Need to up your Instagram Story game? Or just about to take the plunge? Here’s a guide to help you create engaging stories that suit your brand!


Facebook will now provide detail as to why you’re seeing each post in your news feed.

Facebook’s adding in a new ‘Why am I seeing this?’ feature, allowing users to see how the algorithm works and why certain posts appear or don’t appear. ‍♂️


Twitter finally adds native subtitling options for video.

Twitter has added a new subtitle option, allowing deaf and hard of hearing users to watch with videos with ease.


How brands can capitalise on the rise of dark social.

Consumers are sharing content through ‘dark social’ channels more than any other. Here’s a guide to help you harness this opportunity and create profitable conversations.


Snapchat’s testing new snap map tools and mention stickers.

Snapchat is trialing developments on Snap Map, giving users the ability to check into places and create a ‘passport system’. As well as, mentioning fellow users in your Snapchat stories.


The ultimate social media listening guide for marketers.

We’re big believers in social media listening, and you should be too! Here’s a how-to guide that will help you get started!

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