SOCIAL SNAPSHOT — 05.06.2024


It’s time for another social snapshot! Each week, we share the freshest updates from social media to keep you in the know. Let’s dive into the highlights 👇

TikTok Launches UK Genny Lex Centre

TikTok has introduced an in-app General Election Centre to provide reliable election information to UK users, partnering with Logically Facts and the Electoral Commission. The platform bans paid political ads and fundraising by political accounts, encouraging verified political and news accounts to join. TikTok labels AI-generated content and bans misleading AI-manipulated posts to promote responsible AI use. To ensure election integrity, TikTok’s team proactively combats misinformation and covert operations, removing 99% of election misinformation before it is reported, while maintaining transparency and collaborating with experts. Read more here.

TikTok launches UK General Election Centre

#ForYourPride: Celebrating TikTok’s Visionary LGBTQIA+ Community

TikTok is celebrating Pride Month by launching the 2024 LGBTQIA+ Visionary Voices list, honouring 15 creators, industry disruptors, and small business owners. The #ForYourPride campaign includes in-app initiatives like #ShopWithPride, TikTok LIVE events, #PrideAnthem music playlists, and real-world events to support and celebrate the LGBTQIA+ community. TikTok remains committed to fostering a safe, inclusive space for authentic self-expression, removing harmful content, and providing resources for LGBTQIA+ users. Find all the details here.

#ForYourPride: Celebrating TikTok's Visionary LGBTQIA+ Community

Pinterest and the Potential of Total Attention

Explore groundbreaking research revealing how Active and Passive Attention combine to form ‘Total Attention’—a key metric for modern marketers. Find out why Pinterest drives 170% more Total Attention than other platforms and get actionable tips to enhance your campaigns. Click here to read more.

Pinterest and the Potential of Total Attention

YouTube’s Social Evolution

While primarily known as a video platform, YouTube has been enhancing its social features, particularly through Community Posts. Initially limited to select channels, Community Posts are now expanding to all users. This move aims to deepen connections between creators and their communities, fostering more meaningful relationships. Alongside polls, quizzes, and disappearing updates, this expansion signifies YouTube’s ongoing efforts to facilitate greater engagement within its app. Watch to discover more.

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