Another week, another Social Snapshot! Grab a coffee and get stuck in to get yourself up to speed with the latest happenings in social šŸ‘‡šŸ¼


TikTok adds auto-captions

TikTok has added a new auto-captions feature where users will be able to overlay automated subtitles onto their videos to improve accessibility.

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LinkedIn updates profile features

LinkedIn has introduced new profile tools that can be used to ā€œbring your professional story to lifeā€, including video headers and creator mode.

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And itā€™s also tapping into the Clubhouse trend

Following the popularity of Clubhouse, LinkedIn has announced itā€™s developing its own audio rooms, which comes as no surprise following Twitter and Facebook doing the same!

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Clubhouse rolls out monetisation

After initially announcing its new Creator Accelerator Program in March, this week Clubhouse started rolling out its payments.

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Reels vs TikTok never ends

Ever since its launch last year, Instagram continues to add TikTok-style features to Reels. And last week was no different as the platform launched its new feature Reels Remix which mimics TikTokā€™s duet feature.

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TikTok launches video editor tool

And finally, TikTok has launched a new video editing tool to help marketers, like us, create more native-looking videos for their TikTok feeds.

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