As we head into a short couple of weeks here in the UK there is no stopping the social platforms. They are supercharged. Delivering better formats, greater functionality and some interesting innovations.

It isn’t likely to stop over Easter, either. Seems there are redesigns and rumoured launches aplenty – with a few sneak previews. Read on for all the juicy details.


Snapchat’s new lenses helps with social distancing

Two brand new lenses on Snapchat are designed to support users in the current crisis. ‘My Social Distance’ uses your camera to show you when you get too close to another person and the second remind you to wash your hands.

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Facebook launches Bulk Uploader and action to streamline video publishing

Across all Pages globally, Facebook is rolling out updates to playlists and a new feature called series, a brand new way to publish episodic content on your Pages. The aim is to increase discovery across the Facebook app ecosystem.

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Snapchat allows developers to integrate Stories into their own apps

Snapchat will now allow  its flagship Stories feature to finally integrate into developers own apps by through “Snap Kit. Snapchat hopes that expanded access to its content and flagship features on other apps will increase its user base.

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Pinterest adds new ‘Shop’ tabs

New Shop tabs is just  launched on Pinterest,  allowing users to browse in-stock inventory . Improving visual search and making products more shoppable.

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Facebook is getting a major redesign

Facebook is getting a new look, and the change is big enough that the social media giant is dubbing it “New Facebook.”

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….And it tests a large ‘F’ button

Facebook is testing a large ‘F’ Button and it doesn’t mean what you think it means – It is putting more emphasis on options in it menu listings. It appears to be a prompt to encourage users to explore more, but let’s wait and see

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Oh! And it’s rumoured that YouTube planning a Tik Tok rival

It seems Shorts, as it is being called, will work much like TikTok as it will allow users to upload short-format videos mixed with licensed music that YouTube Music already has in its catalog

Find out more here.


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