Social Snapshot – 08.05.19

Amongst the excitement of F8 it can be hard to stay up to date with the social news. But, fear not, we’ve rounded up the best articles from the past 2 weeks for you below ⬇️ Because, you know, we’re good like that!


Snapchat releases latest update of trending topics on the platform.

Aprils ‘Snap Chatter’ report has been released, looking into the trending topics from its users.


Retweeting is about to get a lot more exciting.

Twitter is rolling out a new option to add GIFs, photos, and videos to your retweets!


Instagram is working on a new ‘join chat’ sticker for stories.

It seems Instagram is testing a new option for platform users to create and join group chats straight from stories.


Facebook is adding messenger lead generation templates to ads manager.

Facebook has created a lead generation template for ads manager to help businesses connect with consumers.


In case you missed the announcements amongst the F8 noise…


B2B marketers share their best tips for Instagram.

The other week we saw B2B marketers guide for video content on LinkedIn, now we bring you how to make the best use of Instagram in your social strategy.


Facebook publishes new guide for Instagram creators.

Facebook has released a 7-step guide on how to ensure creators can make the best use of Instagram channels.


Facebook is testing new, more animated, reactions.

A minor change, but Facebook may be giving your post reactions a revamp have you noticed it yet?


Snapchat announces Bitmoji characters for Snap games to add more personalisation.

After announcing Snap Games, Snapchat has released the news that users will be able to use their Bitmoji’s within the games as characters.


LinkedIn’s testing a new ‘services’ listing on profiles to help freelancers.

LinkedIn seems to be experimenting with new ways to connect companies and freelancers, testing out a ‘services’ option for you to list what you can offer.


Instagram officially launches quiz stickers for Instagram stories.

After the tests in February, Instagram has launched quiz stickers for Instagram stories. How will you be putting these to the test?


#FlipItForGood: the new useful challenge on social media.

Remember the Bottle Flip challenge? Well, Evian has started a new, environmentally friendly challenge – #FlipItForGood. Are you ready to give it a go? ♻️


Facebook’s user growth in Europe is bouncing back, defying stricter privacy laws.

Despite the bad press, Facebook has reported they’ve seen a 1.5% increase in users in the first quarter of 2019

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