Social snapshot – 10.04.2024

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YouTube launches new shopping tools and affiliate opportunities.

YouTube introduces Shopping Collections provides creators with a novel method to assemble products from preferred brands, including their own line. They can handpick items for any theme, ranging from their daily makeup routine to a capsule wardrobe.

YouTube users will also have access to Affiliate Hub within the YouTube app – this will enable creators to access the most up-to-date list of Shopping partners, competitive commission rates, promotional codes, and the option to request samples from leading brands.

Meta announces Messenger updates: group albums and HD photos

Meta has rolled out fresh updates for Messenger. Now, you can collaborate with group chat members using shared albums, easily connect using QR codes, and enjoy high-definition photos in-stream.

Find out more here.

Hootsuite joins forces with Talkwalker

Hootsuite is acquiring social listening platform Talkwalker, a significant move in the social media industry. With this merger, Hootsuite’s 200,000 users will gain access to advanced data analytics, allowing them to set up keyword alerts for monitoring social mentions, expanding beyond the current tools available within the Hootsuite dashboard.

Threads experiments with Trending Topic Highlights

Threads incorporated a notifier on its “Trending Topics” page, aiming to spur real-time engagement and prompt more users to share their views on current events. Find out more here.

LinkedIn expands on Connected TV and Live Event Ads tailored for B2B marketers.

LinkedIn has started showing ads on smart TVs, like the ones users use to watch Netflix. They’ve also made it easier for people to promote live events happening live. These initiatives align with LinkedIn’s goal to help marketers make the most of the growing popularity of video watching, whether it’s on LinkedIn or elsewhere. Find out more here.

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