Social snapshot – 10.07.2024

It’s time for another social snapshot! Each week, we share the freshest updates from social media to keep you in the know.

Let’s dive into the highlights 👇

Instagram Confirms – No long-form content in their future! 👋

Instagram’s chief, Adam Mosseri, stated that long-form content isn’t a priority for the platform.

With their focus on connecting friends and exploring interests, short-form videos fit their goals better. Mosseri pointed out that long-form videos reduce interactions with friends, aligning less with Instagram’s mission.

So, don’t expect IGTV to make a comeback! What are your thoughts? Would you watch long-form content on Instagram? 🎙️

What Mosseri’s video here

TikTok’s Latest Updates 📱

  • TikTok is testing web links in videos, allowing users to drive traffic directly from their content.
  • With TikTok Studio – Creators can now upload, record, edit, and post in one place, with tools like auto caption, photo editor, and autocut.
  • You can also save trending videos to use as templates, and a new in-app, full-screen experience for TikTok Stories is in the works.

Facebook tests “Clear Mode” for a cleaner reels viewing experience

As shared by app researcher Radu Oncescu, this feature allows users to hide the description and UI buttons by long-pressing the screen, making it easier to watch Reels without distractions. This could be especially useful for clips with on-screen elements obscured by text and buttons. This feature is not yet active!

Learn more here

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