Another week, another social snapshot. With social media news constantly popping up, it can be hard to stay up to date. Stick with us as we take you closer to the world of social media and everything you need to know.


LinkedIn introduces a new ads guide

LinkedIn has launched a new ads guide to help advertisers find the format and specifications that best fit their needs.

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And Facebook wants to make life easier for advertisers too!

With the new dynamic streaming ads, advertisers can now show relevant headlines to people on Facebook, so they can swipe across the ad to see relevant, personalized headlines that they might be interested in.

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Facebook vs Clubhouse race begins

Facebook was already taking too long to join the Clubhouse trend… and now it’s testing Hotline, a new Q&A platform with a mix of live-streaming video and audio that could be a potential competitor for Clubhouse.

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TikTok pushing creativity with immersive effects

TikTok’s announced new, immersive music creative effects. One of the many interactive music effects, Music Visualizer, will add a new element to expression and creativity.

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Google stopping hate speech in YouTube

Google blocks advertisers on YouTube to remove hate speech related to Black Lives Matter videos and bans keywords that can be seen as racial.

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