Sometimes it can be hard to stay up to date with the ever-changing world of social media! Stick with us as we take you through our weekly roundup of everything you need to know… 

WordPress turns blogs into Twitter threads

WordPress has released a new function that allows users to turn their blog posts into Twitter threads. Although not necessarily useful for every blog, it could come in handy for quick, news updates like social snapshot.

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Snapchat launches first Lens collab

After announcing ‘Local Lenses’ back in June, Snapchat has launched its first Lens collaborative AR project with Carnaby Street.

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Twitter’s prompting hidden Tweets

Twitter is currently testing a new feature that prompts users to hide replies that could be seen as offensive, as a way of combatting arguments and negative interactions.

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Instagram updates Reels features

Instagram has added 3 new features to Reels in the past week, all to do with audio; ‘Save Audio’, ‘Share Audio Pages’ and ‘Audio Browser’.

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Facebook Messenger announces new branding

Facebook has released new branding for Facebook Messenger, which aligns with Instagram’s features, allowing users to customise their own themes and make the new features more ‘fun’.

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