Social Snapshot — 15.05.2024

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Get ready for our latest social snapshot! Each week, we gather the freshest updates from social media to keep you in the loop. Let’s jump straight into the highlights 👇

New TikTok Guide for Beauty Brands 💄

TikTok’s new guide for beauty brands offers essential tips to boost your presence on the platform. With insights on establishing your brand voice, creating engaging content, and effective planning strategies, this playbook is a must-have for any beauty business. The opportunities are huge with 52% of users making purchases after encountering content. Get practical advice on trends, audience engagement, and utilising TikTok Ads Manager. Whether you’re a beauty brand or any business looking to excel on TikTok, check out the guide here.

TikTok Labels Content Created by External AI Tools 🤖

TikTok is teaming up with C2PA to label AI-generated content (AIGC) and joining CAI to get more platforms on board. They’re also rolling out media literacy resources with experts to help tackle misinformation. Even with these efforts, TikTok is keeping an eye out for harmful AIGC to make the online community safer. Learn more here.

Threads Introduces View Counts 💯

Threads now displays view counts on individual posts. This addition offers users insight beyond basic engagement stats. While it may provide valuable feedback for refining content strategy, critics argue it could be demotivating if posts receive high views but low engagement. Nonetheless, for those aiming to enhance their online presence, view counts offer valuable insights. Join the discussion here.

Meta Unveils Travel Mode 🛩️

Meta Quest has Travel Mode! Enjoy movies, games, and work in private, optimised for stability even in motion. Simply opt-in under Experimental features, toggle on/off from Quick Settings, and seamlessly connect to airline Wi-Fi. With Quest 3, your travel experience will never be the same. Find out more here.

Snap Announces New Emissions Solutions ♻️

Snap partners with Scope3 to measure and reduce carbon emissions in advertising, aiming to enhance sustainability. Preliminary data shows Snapchat’s efficiency, surpassing similar apps by 60%. This aligns with Snap’s commitment to environmental responsibility. See the full report here.

YouTube Creators and the Emmy Awards 📺

YouTube wants the Emmys to recognise creators for their innovative programming and cultural influence, arguing that including creators in Emmy categories would align with industry trends and reflect viewers’ preferences. There are many examples of successful creators contributing to entertainment, emphasising the need for the Television Academy to evolve with the shifting media landscape. Read all about it here.

“Creators are driving cultural trends and bringing in huge audiences, but they’re also doing something even more important. They’re leading us into the future of entertainment and pushing the industry forward.”

Reddit Enhances Ask Me Anything 🎱

Reddit has rolled out new features for AMAs (ask me anything), making hosting and participating easier and more engaging. Hosts can now schedule and promote AMAs in advance, include guest collaborators, and signal the end of the session. Participants can RSVP, receive reminders, sort questions, and toggle between answered and unanswered queries. Check out the announcement here.

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