Social Snapshot – 16.08.2023

It’s time for another social snapshot! Find out what you may have recently missed in the fast-paced world of social media:

TikTok Quick Tips

Elevate holiday marketing with TikTok’s vital insights. Craft impactful ad campaigns through strategic goals, budgeting, and optimisation. Leverage tailored examples for swift progress. Access videos or key tips from the newly released report to refine your holiday strategy on TikTok.

Instagram Rich List

Curious about the earnings of top Instagram celebrities from sponsored posts? Gain insights into potential endorsement costs and the online wealth phenomenon. Valuable for marketers assessing endorsement investments. Explore the full Hopper HQ list for details.

More Ad Changes for X

X, formerly Twitter, is discontinuing promoted account ads to focus on video and interactive formats, aligning with its evolving direction. This shift aims to prioritise adaptive content, despite the $100 million in annual revenue from Follower Campaigns. Learn more here.

LinkedIn AI Insights

LinkedIn examines generative AI’s impact on professions, offering skill development insights. The new report identifies growing AI skills and roles influenced by generative AI, stressing its augmentative role. Stay updated on relevant skill alignment. Access the full report for in-depth workplace AI insights.

Latest Posts

While social media platforms offer unparalleled reach and engagement, they also expose companies to the scrutiny of a sometimes very unforgiving global audience. What happens when a brand’s reputation takes a hit? Let’s explore simple strategies for brand restoration in 10 easy steps. Start with Honesty: Brands are like relationships;…
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Get ready for our latest social snapshot! Each week, we gather the freshest updates from social media to keep you in the loop. Let’s jump straight into the highlights 👇 New TikTok Guide for Beauty Brands 💄 TikTok’s new guide for beauty brands offers essential tips to boost your presence…
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As we are well into spring 2024, one trend that has been making waves since the beginning of the year up until now is 3D gradients. You may have noticed the subtle yet impactful shift in design across various social media platforms, since the restyling of the Instagram logo in…
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