Social snapshot – 17.04.2024

Stay in the loop with the ever-changing landscape of social media updates. Explore the newest highlights right here:

DMs on Threads? 🤔

Meta has begun testing DMs on Threads, but by using Instagram’s inbox for Threads DMs, will users feel let down by the lack of a dedicated Threads inbox?

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YouTube tests ‘Most Relevant’ subs feed & streamlines members-only shorts:

YouTube is testing a new “Most Relevant” display in the Subscriptions tab to help users find the latest content from their favourite channels. Additionally, it’s streamlining the process for creators to publish Members-Only Shorts, offering added incentives for viewers and creators.

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Is Airchat the next big thing?

Airchat, a voice + text network similar to Twitter but with voice-enabled posts, is receiving attention from tech enthusiasts. Do we think Airchat will make it?

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