The world is a crazy place right now. With news announcements being released every hour and a big cloud of uncertainty looming over our heads, it’s very easy to miss what’s happening in the industry. But, we’re here to help out 🦸🏻‍♀️ bringing you the latest social news…


LinkedIn’s launching conversation ads.

To help InMail ads become more engaging and interactive, LinkedIn has launched a new feature, ‘Conversation Ads’, where marketers can add multiple CTA buttons, so recipients have more ways to respond.


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WhatsApp’s setting time limits.

WhatsApp is testing out a new feature that allows users to set a time limit on messages to auto-delete. Whether that be an hour or a year, the app is letting us become more secretive.


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Instagram’s testing a new Stories mode.

Instagram is working on a new effect for Stories, called ‘Mirrors’. Which, yep, you guessed, splits your screen into different reflecting views.


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Twitter updates live streams.

Although only minor, Twitter has made an update to its live broadcast feature – where you can now invite audio guests to live-streams before they go live.


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IGTV monetisation is launching.

After initially testing the feature last month, Instagram has announced it’s launching the first stage of IGTV ads.


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