A lot happened this week in social, so we’ll get right to it. TikTok continues to gain rapid momentum and the social giants are trying to keep up, so we’re seeing a lot of advancements in AR functionality. Moreover, the upcoming US Presidential Election has led to significant questions and advancements regarding fact-checking and censorship. Believe it or not, there’s more. Get caught up on the top things happening in social media this week:

Facebook launches new ‘Educator Hub’

Facebook has launched a new ‘Educator Hub’ which is designed to help students, parents and teachers by providing a range of educational resources focused on improving learning outcomes in light of COVID 19.

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Twitter now lets everyone limit replies to their tweets

Twitter rolling out functionality that will limit replies just to those who follow you; or just to those who you tag in the tweet itself.

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Facebook is launching a new paid events option for businesses

Businesses and creators will now be able charge direct on Facebook for access to their online events. Option to be option available in 20 countries, for Pages that meet its partner monetisation policies.

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Snapchat has added a new selection of AR Lenses to compete with TikTok 

The New Lenses are based on TikTok dance trends and have been created in collaboration with the originators themselves.

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Twitter has updated its warning prompts for harmful tweets

Twitter has now improved its detection methods for problematic replies, and added more detail to its explanations, which could help users better understand the language that they’re using, and maybe reduce instances of unintended offence.

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