Another news-filled week has passed, so here we are… bringing you a roundup of the best articles we just want to shout about. Stay with us and we’ll get you up to speed with the latest happenings in social in no time!


Twitter to introduce a ‘subscribe to conversation’ feature.

Twitter is working on a way to make the platform more conversational, and it seems they’re actually going to roll it out in all feeds! 💬


Instagram’s testing a new format for stories options.

As the Stories element to Instagram forever increases in popularity, the app is apparently testing out a new layout which categorises the camera-modes into 3 formats 🤳


Facebook’s looking to capitalize on FOMO with new notifier on shared articles.

In a bid to increase engagements, Facebook is looking to highlight to users when their ‘friends’ have read a shared article on the platform. Keeping everyone up to date with their group conversations.


Twitter launches new camera tools to increase visual focus.

Sharing pictures and streaming live videos on Twitter has just got a whole lot easier, with its new camera tools! 📸


Periscope launches increased action against fake engagement and activity.

Following in the footsteps of Facebook and Instagram, Periscope is cracking down on false engagements.


A handy guide to promoting webinars on LinkedIn.

Webinars are bread-and-butter for B2B marketers 🍞 How you promote them really matters! And, yes, it involves video 📹 More here!


Snapchat may unveil a mobile gaming platform in April, according to new report.

Snapchat is (apparently) bringing out its own mobile gaming platform in April! 👻👾👻👾


Instagram adds in-app checkout as part of its big push into shopping.

Instagram is going all out on commerce with the new in-app checkout which lets users store payment information…making that next purchase so much easier 😈🤑


Facebook’s removing ad targeting options in certain categories to avoid discrimination.

Have you seen Facebook’s non-discrimination policy pop up in ads manager recently? It turns out they’re removing some specific targeting options for certain ads.


Twitter’s updating its limits on third-party usage, which could impact social management platforms.

Twitter has announced it’s reviewing the platform’s API usage regulations, giving businesses three months to update their processes.

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