Social Snapshot – 21.02.2024

Switch up your backgrounds with Instagram’s AI “Backdrop” sticker

Instagram is developing a new AI “Backdrop” sticker, which will allow users to replace the background on their images. The technology works by picking out the main focal point of the image, separating that from the background and then allows it to be replaced by a generated option. 

Read more about the feature here.

Snapchat partners up with Fospha:

Snapchat announced a new partnership with Fospha, a measurement platform which allows for more advanced tracking of campaign performance within the app.

According to Snapchat:

“[The partnership will] help marketers measure the impact and effectiveness of their Snapchat campaigns, with an emphasis on cross-marketing ROAS. Fospha leverages a combination of Multi Touch Attribution (MTA) and Media Mix Modelling (MMM), to model for the impact of clicks and impressions throughout the full marketing funnel.”

Fospha will provide additional, third-party verification of your Snapchat campaign metrics, including more detailed data, based on Fospha’s advanced tracking tools, to better inform your social strategy.

Read all the details on the partnership here.

Meta Rolls Out New ‘Meta Verified’ Comment Filtering on Instagram

After testing the feature out to a select few, Meta is now rolling out its new Meta Verified comment filter on Instagram, giving users an additional way to prioritise engagement from celebrities and other users who have paid for verification within the app.

Some users are now able to see a new comment filter option in the app, which allows you to sort post comments based on algorithmic filtering, or the new  ‘Meta Verified features. 

X Introduces ‘Articles’ as a Long-Form Content Option for Publishing Posts. 

X is testing out a new “X articles” update, which will provide a blog posting system, and a custom link preview card within the X feed, which will take its users through a more traditional news content format. X had previously expanded the length of posts to allow more context, and following this, X users will soon be able to publish articles directly onto the X platform, in a new longer content format, with the potential for it to get its own in-app feed. Similar to the old Twitter link preview format, this new format includes a preview image, headline, and summary section.

Read more here.

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