Social Snapshot – 21.08.19

Another week has passed, and what a week it has been! We’ve rounded up the best articles and updates from the fast-moving world of social media to get you up to speed in no time.


Twitter launches 6-second video ad bidding, providing new options for video marketers.

Twitter has launched a new option for video ads, where marketeers will only be charged once the video has been viewed for 6 seconds +.


Facebook premieres new cinema ad formats

Facebook has launched a new tool which drives awareness to upcoming films, allowing users to stay up to date with opening dates/weekends and even book tickets without leaving the app.


Instagram’s launching a new option for reporting misinformation as on-platform scams grow.

“FAKE NEWS” – Instagram is about to launch a new reporting option for misinformation, to help the platform filter the content from places such as Explore.


Twitter is testing a filter for direct message requests.

Twitter is looking into adding a new filter option for message requests, where users will be informed if the content may be offensive – allowing individuals to delete the message before seeing anything.


Facebook will open several pop-up cafes in London to assist users with privacy settings.

To help educate users with the platform’s privacy settings, Facebook is opening 5 pop-up cafes in London to offer free assistance, as well as a free beverage.


Pinterest Ads: A guide to everything you need to know to get started

Although not necessarily a ‘social media platform’ or a go-to advertising placement, Pinterest isn’t to be overlooked as an ads platform. But how is it best utilised?


Gen Z seeks all-day entertainment from mobile devices study says.

A recent study has shown that Gen Z spends a lot of time watching mobile videos, with 81% saying they play video content to keep them entertained whilst doing other activities.

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