Ready, set, #SocialSnapshot. It’s that time of the week again, and the newest roundup of social media updates does not disappoint. The first thing on our watch list is the newly-launched LinkedIn Stories. Marketers and professionals will now have the opportunity the share images and short videos with their audiences. We’d recommend jumping on this trend fast, as everyone will be doing the same in the coming days. Another noteworthy update is the potential new retweeting option on Twitter. While not officially confirmed, the newly-proposed default ‘Quote Tweet’ would push for people to take more time in considering their responses to tweets. Here’s the rest of what happened this week in social:

LinkedIn officially launches Stories

LinkedIn has launched LinkedIn Stories worldwide, an opportunity for individuals and company pages to share images and short videos of their everyday professional moments.

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Facebook is adding two new discovery features to better highlight personally relevant Watch content 

Facebook has officially launched topics in Watch and adds new ‘featured’ section to highlight popular clips. Watch will give users the ability to follow subjects, based on hashtags. In addition to this, Facebook’s also added new highlight sections to showcase the most popular videos and moments on the platform.

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Instagram will crack down on influencers who don’t disclose commercial partnerships

Instagram has committed to protecting consumers by ensuring that influencers disclose commercial relationships within their post. New prompts and algorithms will be introduced to ensure this.

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Facebook Messenger has a new look 

Facebook has launched a new look for Messenger, which features a colour gradient tone and customisable backgrounds. This comes as part of the integration of Instagram Direct and Messenger connection.

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 ‘Quote Tweet’ may become the default retweeting option

Twitter could be set to remove the current retweet menu options, and open direct to a ‘Quote Tweet’ composer window instead.

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