Social Snapshot — 22.11.2023

Social snapshot- Latest social media news

It’s time for another social snapshot! Find out what you may have recently missed in the fast-paced world of social media:

LinkedIn’s Collaborative Articles Gain Momentum as Fastest-Growing Traffic Driver

LinkedIn’s Collaborative Articles, launched in March, have become the platform’s fastest-growing traffic driver, with a 74% month-over-month increase in readership. The feature uses AI prompts and invites specific users to share expertise on chosen topics, rewarding contributors with a profile badge. Despite mixed reviews on the reading experience, LinkedIn’s engineering blog outlines the process, which evaluates users based on explicit and implicit skills, ensuring active and expert members are invited. The growing interest in Collaborative Articles suggests value beyond earning a “Top Contributor” badge. Check out the full details here.

Meta Unveils Innovative Generative AI Tools for Video and Image Creation from Text Prompts

Meta has unveiled two new generative AI projects, based on its “Emu” AI research, designed to enhance video and image creation from text prompts. The first project, “Emu Video,” allows users to generate short video clips using text prompts and still images. The tool uses a factorised approach, splitting the process into generating images based on a text prompt and then creating videos conditioned on both text and generated images. The model has demonstrated impressive results, outperforming previous work in terms of quality and faithfulness to the text prompt. The second project, “Emu Edit,” enables users to make specific edits within visuals through free-form editing via text instructions. Notably, it works based on conversational prompts, allowing users to instruct edits without highlighting specific areas. Both tools present significant possibilities for creative expression and customisation, with applications for brands and creators. Although Meta has not provided a release date, the tools are expected to be available in its apps soon, offering new opportunities for generative AI use. Learn more about Emu here.

Unlocking Luxury: Pinterest’s Powerhouse Insights on High-End Brand Promotion

Pinterest’s latest report, in collaboration with PA Consulting, underscores the platform’s substantial value for luxury brand promotion, particularly in high-end fashion. The report highlights Pinterest’s positive user experience and its appeal to Gen Z spending, contributing to the anticipated doubling of the luxury goods market by 2030. Key findings reveal a predominantly under-35 audience, with 70% being women, and a third earning over $100,000 annually. Pinterest users in the luxury segment spend 87% more on luxury goods, are 27% more likely to buy premium products, and consider Pinterest a primary source for inspiration and research. Three in five luxury shoppers are receptive to luxury advertising, offering a unique opportunity for brands to engage with an actively shopping and responsive audience. The insights provide valuable considerations for marketers planning Pinterest campaigns, especially during the holiday season and into 2024. Access the study here.

YouTube Introduces ‘Dream Track’: AI-Powered Music Creation with Popular Artists’ Styles

YouTube has unveiled “Dream Track,” a feature allowing users to create AI-generated music in the style of popular artists, collaborating with nine musicians such as Alec Benjamin and Charlie Puth. Users can produce original Shorts soundtracks of up to 30 seconds, replicating approved artists’ styles. This move addresses the potential legal challenges faced by the platform, exemplified by the recent Drake deepfake controversy. YouTube is working with record labels to establish approved versions, incorporating transparent tagging and monetisation options, aiming to set a benchmark for plausible deniability, traceability for users, and a controlled approach to AI-based music creation. Find complete details here.

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