SOCIAL SNAPSHOT — 24.04.2024

SOCIAL SNAPSHOT — 24.04.2024

Get ready for another social snapshot! Each week, we recap the latest updates in social media to keep you in the know. Let’s jump straight into the highlights:

NoSpace Is for Zoomers

Big announcement! Get ready for a groundbreaking new platform hitting the scene this summer. Say goodbye to the loneliness epidemic on social media. This game-changing app, set to launch as “NoSpace,” is all about genuine connections and personalised experiences. With features like personalised profiles, real-time updates, and connections based on shared interests, it’s set to revolutionise the way we socialise online. It’s time to prioritise authentic connections over algorithm-driven content. Stay tuned for updates and read the details here.

There are no subjects and fans, just peers.

Join TikTok’s #STEMTok Competition

Showcase your STEM expertise! Here’s how:

  1. Create an informative video on any STEM topic.
  2. Upload on TikTok with #STEMTok from April 22nd to May 31st.
  3. Winners chosen weekly by EXPLR!

Learn more about inspiring the next generation of STEM enthusiasts here.


The first STEM competition on TikTok, in collaboration with EXPLR, kicks off today on Earth Day! Do you think you’re the next great STEM communicator? Share your video using the hashtag #STEMTok by May 31st for a prize. Head over to our link in bio for more info.

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Meta Lead Generation Explained

Businesses are using Meta’s social platforms to find new customers at a lower cost. Tips include using tools like instant forms to capture leads easily and targeting the right audience with AI. Integrating with these tools makes managing leads even more simple. Watch the video here for tips to find quality leads.

Snapchat Is Unlocking Sales

Marketing Mix Modelling (MMM) is making a comeback and helping to measure marketing effectiveness, especially in sales. Snapchat drives more sales compared to its budget allocation, making it an efficient channel for marketers. It outperforms Paid Social in return on ad spend (ROAS) across different verticals. Brand campaigns can drive sales and running brand and DR campaigns together generates higher ROAS. Is Snapchat part of your media mix? Get the deets here.

Pinterest Travel Trends

Pinterest is the ultimate destination for travel inspiration, with over one billion searches and 10 billion saves annually. In 2024, wellness travel will take centre stage, while solo and budget-friendly road trips are on the rise. Explore adventurous escapades, serene getaways, and mysterious locales shaping the new era of travel. Whether seeking adrenaline-pumping activities or tranquil retreats, Pinterest offers endless possibilities to elevate your travel game. Find out more here.

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