Right now, social media is playing an important role in our lives more than ever. So, to keep users engaged, our favourite platforms have continued to launch and test new features. But if you’ve missed out on the news announcements this week, then don’t panic, we’ve got you covered!


Instagram launches ‘Co-Watching’

As the world goes into lockdown due to COVID-19, Instagram has launched a new feature, ‘Co-Watching’, which allows users to simultaneously scroll through Instagram whilst on a video call with friends.


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Pinterest launches new tab

Pinterest is launching a new discovery feature called ‘Today’, which allows users to gain daily inspiration from trending topics and ideas.


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Instagram tests disappearing messages

Just last week we announced WhatsApp was testing out disappearing messages and now it seems Instagram is jumping on the bandwagon too. Another feature they’re copying from Snapchat…


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Facebook’s connecting brand loyalty

Facebook is testing out a new ad option where users can link brand loyalty accounts to their Facebook page and earn points in-platform.


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Instagram’s updating Stories highlights

Instagram has been found testing out the effectiveness of adding hashtag and location searches to Stories highlights. But what does this mean for brands in the future?


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