We love staying up to date with the wonderful world of social media and we’re sure you do too! So, we’ve pulled a variety of articles into one place that we just want to shout about, whilst keeping you up to date…


Snapchat expands ad length limits, announces new ad formats. https://po.st/0jLZI2

Snapchat is looking to expand its ad length limits to a maximum of three minutes in certain formats, moving away from its standard 10-second video limit.


Twitter releases new playbook on effective brand Tweeting strategies. https://po.st/7ahcNC

Twitter has released ‘Influencing Culture’, an overview of brands who utilised Tweets for effective campaigns and the learnings others can take from them.


Pinterest announces new business profile format, shop the look collection ads. https://po.st/SgIsyX

Pinterest is expanding its ‘Shop the Look’ collection ads by displaying multiple items within each pin, and also giving users the option to include videos as their cover image.


Google adds new video campaign options, including home screen ads on YouTube. https://po.st/pUleih

To help marketeers reach consumers with video ad campaigns, Google’s launched new options, one being the ability to display ads on YouTube’s home page.


Facebook expands its playable and AR ad formats. https://po.st/ivwfye

During Ad Week, Facebook is said to be announcing 3 new interactive ad formats; Poll Ads, AR Ads and Playable Ads.


Twitter launches Lists as alternate, swipeable timelines on iOS. https://po.st/T2ENLI

After announcing tests back in June, Twitter has now launched swipeable Lists on iOS devices, where users can pin up to 5 of their lists to swipeable feeds accessed from their timeline.

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