SOCIAL SNAPSHOT — 26.06.2024

Social Snapshot Amber

Prepare yourself for another social media snapshot! Weekly, we summarise the newest developments in social media to ensure you stay informed. Let’s dive right into the key highlights 👇

What’s Whee?

TikTok is expanding its app portfolio with Whee, a private image-sharing platform for close friends, contrasting with its broader lifestyle app Notes and product-focused Lemon8. TikTok aims to enhance its eCommerce capabilities through diverse sharing platforms, challenging established players like Instagram and Snapchat. Learn more here.

What’s next?

TikTok’s updated “What’s Next 2024: In Action” report provides new insights into evolving trends, updated hashtags, and practical tips for marketers. It reviews the first half of the year’s developments and user behaviour shifts, offering valuable guidance for brands planning their 2024 strategies. The 20-page report is available for download here.

What’s hot?

TikTok has released a 12-page guide for marketers to capitalise on key trends and tips for the upcoming summer season. Despite potential bans, TikTok remains valuable with over a billion active users. The guide offers insights on summer discovery trends and best practices for effective marketing strategies. The “Driving Summer Sales” guide can be downloaded here.

What’s pinned?

Pinterest has rolled out improved board sharing, allowing users to share their collections as visually appealing Stories. This feature is designed to showcase Pins more effectively across social platforms, emphasising self-expression and aesthetic development for Gen Z users. It includes a “Curated on Pinterest” marker but is best suited for sharing via Stories rather than other formats like Reels. Get the deets here.

Stranger danger!

Snapchat is introducing new safety features such as in-app warnings for blocked or reported users trying to connect, stricter limits on friend requests from strangers, and enhanced blocking tools to cover multiple accounts on one device. These updates aim to protect its young user base from scams and bullying by improving user control and visibility over connections and location sharing. Read more here.

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