Social Trailblazer Awards champions social media innovators


Today’s social media practitioners are digital pioneers. They are setting benchmarks and establishing best practice for businesses all over the world. They are setting the social media agenda, and we think it’s time they were recognised by the wider industry for their outstanding contributions. So we are shining a bright spotlight on those talented, multi-skilled social superstars!

immediate future and EngageSciences have joined forces to launch a new social media award. The first of its kind, the Social Trailblazer Awards is all about bringing recognition to the social media trendsetters in the UK!

These awards are inspired by the need for a platform where social talent is recognised and applauded. Where team mates, clients, colleagues and agency liaisons can nominate the individual that they believe is blazing a trail through social. The awards are a chance for forward thinking digital professionals to rally together in support of an emerging social industry, and to acknowledge the people that are shaping the future of our industry!


Galvanising the industry

In recent years the social profession has evolved into an established career. Our latest research shows 75% of brands have social media talent within their organisation. That is a significant percentage! (And one we can’t afford to ignore). The industry is overflowing with talent and what’s more it is creating a range of opportunities for a new generation to follow.

immediate future’s CEO Katy Howell believes that the social media profession is extraordinarily diverse. “It requires technical, analytical, digital, creative, editorial, SEO and communications skills. Social requires broad skill sets. So unsurprisingly individuals taking up careers in social media are beginning to specialise. And with that comes the need to create a more defined profession.” (Hear, hear!)

The Social Trailblazer Awards will bring acknowledgment to all areas of social. From the individual delivering social data analytics that inform the business, to the internal evangelist that inspires employee productivity. And everyone in-between! There are eight categories to choose from.


Acknowledging the individuals

And while, yes, these are the people that bring professionalism to an emerging business channel. And yes, they are setting the social media agenda and gaining extensive publicity and promotion for organisations. They are also the people that you sit beside.

They are the ones that inspire your team with new ideas and technology. They talk about platforms you’ve never heard of and position your company perfectly online. They get excited about measurement statistics and spot the opportunity to reach new audiences. (And in our experience they are often the ones that know how to make a proper cuppa!) Shouldn’t they receive industry acknowledgment for their business actions and achievements?

Whether they are in-house or agency side, their contribution is undeniable. Only in social do you come across the breed of people that are equally as creative as they are analytical! Trust us, we know. Our original research shows that 75% of brands believe that creativity is a vital skill set. And 66% are gathering insight through social. The Social Trailblazer Awards 2014 will bring these social professionals the wider acknowledgment and acclaim that they are due.

The awards are now open! Visit the website to nominate your Social Trailblazer!

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