Social CRM: battle of the social login

So often in social media we are concerned with what is happening “in platform” that we forget the bigger picture. Over inflated company valuations that we are so familiar with nowadays are down to one thing – data. G+ is the 2nd biggest social network in the world due to the nature of the proliferated content, social sharing and single-sign-on (Gmail) approach, essentially we are talking about a wealth of data rather than a destination network.

Gigya are very much in the business of social data, social CRM and connecting consumers. And their recent research into the landscape of social logins for the last quarter is very much worth noting!  It reminds us to think about engagement with social networks outside of the respective platforms themselves.  Facebook are still leading the way in this space, with a similar story being told across both desktop and mobile as well as by industry vertical.

But, don’t be surprised to see continued gains from G+ as 2014 progresses and the Google vs Facebook battle roars on.

Social Login Infographic_Q4_

Infographic source: Gigya

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