Solving the content marketing conundrum

By if-admin | May 30, 2014

Marketers are spending more money on content marketing than ever before. But without a clear content strategy how can brands calculate ROI?

We all know that for brands using social media, great content is key. But it’s knowing what to do with that content that is what brands need to grab hold of. For example, 88% of UK marketers now do some form of content marketing, but only 42% of marketers actually have a documented content strategy.

A lack of time is one of the premier reasons why brands have no overarching content strategy (as stated by 67% of UK marketers). A lack of content (46%) and a lack of engaging content (44%) are also important reasons why some brands are not getting the most out of content marketing.

So what’s the solution? Invest in quality, not quantity. One quality report from an authoritative source or research piece that you can ‘shatter’ into a series of mini-whitepapers, infographics and assets is much more powerful than a series of meaningless whitepapers or reports that are just produced for the sake of it.

For content to truly be successful on social media, it has to be valuable for them and something that they feel they are missing out on by now reading or downloading. Whether it’s a latest trending topic that affects a particular industry or demographic, or is directly related to their job role, it has to be something that will peak the interest of your prospects.

Once you have this and are in the outreach stage of your campaign, the key is to track the hell out of it! What piece of content is getting the most page views? What is engaging the user and keeping them on site for longer? What content is performing well and engaging users across the likes of LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and so on? Tracking everything will allow you to truly benchmark the performance of your content and ascertain which content is delivering the best ROI.

Take a look at the infographic below for additional insights on content marketing and the importance for an overarching content strategy:

content marketing infographic


Infographic source:

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