Spare a thought for thought-leadership…

Not in the pitying sense – this should be an integral part of any B2B social media strategy!

Buyers won’t always look for the brand with the best aesthetics when it comes to product – they won’t necessarily look to brand name reputation either. Expertise can be a clear winner. Demonstrating this with your knowledge and understanding of the industry will give them a greater peace of mind.

Pain points and sleepless nights

Almost every CEO and MD has faced significant stress points in the last couple of years. Covid’s presence pushed companies to diversify and innovate – taking on technology they wouldn’t have otherwise entertained or pivoting on strategy overnight. One of the key things they would have thought of is “how do I do this quickly and effectively?”

Their first point of call may have to been look at their little black book of contacts – but for a new problem, an issue that gives them sleepless nights – they’ll try to find a solution that they can trust. Enter you – because of what you’ve done in the lead up to this situation.

Your social media strategy

Your product experts can be a goldmine for social media content. Their sector knowledge should be the first point of call – organise long-form calls with them to form an understanding of what they know about the industry; the key trends, the upcoming threats. Assess your website content, blogs, videos – if you haven’t got them, create them and look at how you can make them suitable for social (audience first).

Building the narrative piece by piece – demonstrating, not the company’s products, but its knowledge and understanding of industry problems is what resonates with customers. Product name XYZ comes last.

Build a social media campaign that champions what you know, not what you sell. Look to your website and experts for a campaign based around:
• Videos
• Infographics
• Animations
• Carousels

Keep things fresh, vibrant and fun – where possible! B2B doesn’t need to be boring – be innovative and don’t be afraid to take risks. Personality resonates.

Remember: attention can be bought and paid for. Trust takes time and patience. In fact, one of our B2B market reports explains how social can have a big impact on business performance:

Demonstrate your worth piece-by-piece and you can build the perfect picture for your customers – so that they come to you.

To find out more about thought-leadership for B2B social, contact us today!

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