Live Brand Social: Spotting social content they’ll go crazy for

Already we’ve explored the recent research on Live Brand Social to look at how people’s behaviours can inform your planning. You’ve seen the best ways you can use a combination of live events and social media; how you can target your audience and interact with them on social networks before, during and after an experience to add value to your brand.

In this fourth post we’ll find out how consumers are sharing live brand social content with each other. While 49% feel more positive about a brand as a result of live brand social, 37% will join the brand’s social networking page or profile after a live experience. This now gives you a chance to further engage with your customers.

With an increase in fans, followers and wider conversations about your company, how are audiences communicating in social? And how can you engage with them?

Over two thirds (69%) of survey participants use mobile devices to share content from live experiences. Smartphones and tablets make it very easy for users to share content on social platforms.

Brands can of course be more active on social by suggesting ready-made tweets or hashtags for participants to share, while any photo opportunities are very effective. But smart companies will go one step further and consider how experiential events can be designed for mobile and social sharing:

  • Resize your content: create hassle free content with eye-catching features that encourage consumers to take and share photos at your live experiences
  • Invite friends: 61% like to post or share on social media if it includes friends. Make sure that there are opportunities or attractions worth sharing at your event
  • Short and sweet: by writing brand messages and calls to action that are to the point consumers can share your words easily. Aim to be within Twitter’s 140 characters

Inspiring and motivating social sharing is not just about the device used to connect. Nor is it just about the format, be it photo, video or plain copy. It is much more about the behaviours of your audience. The research shows that only 23% of consumers claimed they wanted to be the first to tell friends. So bragging rights really don’t seem to matter that much. What matters is that the experience and social content around it is unusual (71%), entertaining (69%) and relevant (65%).

Download the full report and share your thoughts on live brand social with us #LiveBrandSocial 

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