Starting the B2B customer journey

Every purchase – whether you’re buying an ice cream at the local shop, or investing in service expertise from a leading technology brand – has a story behind it. Its origin is normally from a point of resonation – while this may seem obvious, it’s alarming how many brands can get one of the most important parts of their social campaign wrong.

Some customer journeys may be longer than others; in fact, with our subconscious mind picking up all kinds of messages throughout the day, it’s sometimes hard to say whether a buying decision was a simple one merely influenced by repetitive advertising or a genuine learned experience of a brand.

In the B2B field of marketing, we know the journey has a trigger point to start with – before reviews and purchasing decisions play a part. The challenge for brands on social has been identifying the trigger point. Many companies fall into the trap of shameless self-promotion – saturating posts with product names and corporate ‘we understand’ statements that won’t resonate with the everyday user.

The adage ‘put yourself in your customer’s shoes’ has been around in marketing for longer than we can remember, and while such a simple statement, it’s so downright true that it makes it difficult to understand how so many brands overlook this. Notwithstanding that most social users visit the platform for personal use – and not with a business hat on – the challenge to put your content front and centre is hard enough.

Paid promotion is an ideal strategy to start with, but without industry pain points and triggers, the chance to broadcast a thorough message will be lost. Look to your company’s product managers and thought-leaders, what can they share by way of:

  • Common customer issues
  • Industry movements and forecasts
  • The rise of technology within the sector
  • Hard-hitting statistics from industry studies

All can form a bedrock for a social media campaign that gives your customers cause to ‘read more’.

Don’t start with what you sell. Start with what you know. Trust can is built with knowledge and understanding.

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