Social media is constantly evolving. Every day there are reports of a brand new feature update or a new tool to try out, but how do you stay on top of all of the developments?

Other than following @iftweeter and reading our blog (obviously!) there are a number of ways to help, so you never miss out:

Google Alerts
Google alerts searches for content related to keywords you enter such as ‘social media’ and ‘Facebook’. It emails you anything that matches these keywords, at intervals of your choice.


Google Reader
Google Reader is a nifty little tool which allows you to subscribe to sites so that if anything is added, such as a new blog post, it pulls through to Google Reader, so you have everything all in one place. Unfortunately, Google are closing this service down in a couple of weeks, but listen out, as there are rumors that Facebook could be launching a similar service soon.


LinkedIn Groups
LinkedIn is not just for connecting with individuals but also groups. Join groups where you can get involved in conversations, discuss the latest developments and share information with others.

Facebook and Twitter
Of course, you can also follow relevant people on Facebook and Twitter to get regular updates on the world of social media. Some suggestions would be @mashable @TheNextWeb @NewMediaBuzz and @mashsocialmedia


What ways do you use to stay on top of social media developments? Let us know in the comment box below!

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