Stop Motion is going places

Here at Immediate Future, we love looking at dominant social media trends and really taking them apart. I can’t be the only one who’s noticed the increasing presence of stop motion on their TLs recently, especially in product shoots. It’s popularity – I believe stems from the fact that it is a dynamic, engaging way to share content, and people are used to slick, 30fps 44k footage shot on top of the range iphones, or SLRs, so counter-intuitively the imperfections of stop motion become part of its unique selling point. As per this article from envato “the return of stop motion is part of a broader retro design trend incorporating traditional art forms to nurture a sense of nostalgia. “

But what is stop motion you ask? Well or friends over at Stop motion films have a handy and concise explainer “ It is to bring an object, idea, or the impossible to life by using a filmmaking technique that captures the manipulation of an object shot a frame at a time. As a result, it creates the illusion of motion. In other words, it is a little bit of persistence sprinkled with imagination, resulting in magic. “

One of the leading lights of the current stop-motion era must be Huddl Studio, who use stop motion to create slick adverts for a range of different products. It really enlivens a standard product photo shoot and sets those thumbs to standstill

Here are some examples

Additionally, they also do great BTS and explainer content, going into their process and the ingenious ways they produce some of their sets.

From these BTS vids, you can really see all the time and effort it takes to produce just one video, but I think as agencies and companies alike are looking for that competitive edge, the results bear out all that effort.

Here are some other brands that are really using stop motion to its fullest potential in their product shoots.

Herschel utilised it perfectly in this cool Simpsons Collab.

Nagelene wowed us with this intro to their range of colourful water bottles

and there’s nothing I love more than when a massive brand embraces an emerging trend, such as this little doozy from Ikea

I hope today’s blog post has got your creative juices flowing and inspired you to pick up a camera and start snapping away. If you’d like to contact immediate future to talk about utilising stop motion to advertise your products, you can get in touch with us over on the IF website. See you next time!

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