I’m pretty sure there’s not a person reading this that hasn’t seen, used or created a GIF. They have become the bread and butter of internet culture and we are increasingly using them to communicate with our friends and even our work colleagues, exactly how we are feeling. There is a GIF for every sentiment and every occasion.

It’s no surprise then that Instagram’s most recent update is the introduction of a stop-motion feature, currently being rolled out to a selection of users. The new tool allows Instagrammers to take a series of photographs and then join them all together, creating a short stop-motion video, or GIF if you will.

The usual filters, texts and stickers will still be readily available, but there is a limitation of just 50 frames per video. I don’t know if you’ve ever created a stop motion IRL but they require you to have the patience of a saint, so this new update, which allows you to create stop-motion at ease is sure to delight creatives around the world.

After so many updates from Instagram that just seem like a carbon copy of Snapchat, it’s great to see them pushing boundaries and trying new, experimental features. We look forward to welcoming stop-motion to the Instagram family.

There’s only one thing left to say; thanks Instagram for yet another fun and easy way to get creative at the touch of a screen.

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