Stop staring, start listening – 5 top podcasts on social, tech and culture


Most of the consumption of digital media is now very much based on image, text or video  via our mobile handsets. Countless mornings see the commute of the working masses, heads down, staring deeply into their handsets narrowly avoiding road accidents and lamp post encounters. For those of us keen on keeping up with the digital world but wanting to avoid the risk of wandering into a busy road while checking our Mashable feed, we have the option of the Podcast.

There are currently a vast range of great Podcasts hosting all kinds of subjects and discussions., though we are often faced with hundreds of low quality and usually boring or badly produced shows especially on niche topics such as social media or digital content. Finding quality shows to commit to can be timely and overwhelming. This is why I have compiled a list of  three top Podcasts covering social media, digital and tech and two of the best lesser known science and culture Podcasts.

1. Internet Marketing Podcast

As plain as it may sound – Internet Marketing Podcast is a persistently quality and ‘easy to listen to’ social media and digital marketing podcast. Produced and presented by Site Visibility‘s Kelvin Newman, listeners are guided through discussion with top guests, new web tools, analytics, tech developments, tips, tricks and valuable debate around the latest digital trends and insider news.

2. Guardian Tech Weekly Podcast

A reliable and sturdy news round up of one of the most informed and UK focused Tech shows. Quick fire and engaging episodes deliver a range of sound bites from top industry professionals. Tech leaders, new apps, website and product reviews combine with the latest info from tech and social media giants from the UK and beyond.

3. Inside Social Media Podcast

An insider focus on Big Brand digital strategy with a big focus on business and Brand reputation. Presenter Rick Mulready connects us with some of the most influential brand content managers, hosting discussion and interviews on the challenges and triumphs brands face with the ever changing social and digital landscape.

4. Radiolab

An award winning and independent science  podcast. Exploring some of the most under discussWith anything from astronaut stories of the true meaning of darkness to rare discoveries subjects with some of the world’s lesser heard experts and niche professionals.  With anything from Astronauts take on the true meaning of darkness to new concepts of theory and understanding from across the globe, all mixed with an amazing audio backdrop of sound effects and recordings.


5. Risk! Show

Risk is one of the most endearing podcasts I have been lucky to discover. Risk hosts recordings of everday people (usually across America) telling stories ‘that they ever thought they’d share’. Topics range from stories of maturity (or immaturity) to accounts often of a more harmless but engaging ‘adult’ nature. The stories are all delivered by a vast demographic, often coached by the shows host and lead story teller Kevin Allison.

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