Strategic Authenticity in your Social Presence- oh the irony!


How many times have you swayed away from social content, thinking, “What pile of absolute fluff?” That’s right- you are todays customer- a well-informed, savvy and socially aware individual who has access to vast sources of data which hold the truths & certainly the untruths of a brand. This could be in the form of word around the intent to buy a product or service and/or post-purchase comments and reviews. There is no getting away from it and brands need to constantly build and maintain their image around this information. You are hardly wooed by the old, fairy-tale marketing techniques and just prefer genuine, honest & transparent narrative around a brand.

In fact, companies now use social and emotional values to stand out. For younger “millennial” consumers (born between 1980 and 2000), it is a quality that is second in importance, after discounts (obviously)-when asked what makes them brand loyal.

So, here is the answer to the question in your mind (what should you consider when wanting to incorporate authenticity in your social presence?)


  • Purpose- Have a well-defined end goal and use each post, action & step to move you closer to achieving it. Bear in mind this isn’t an overnight thing. It takes time & you gotta earn it!
  • Social Listening– a crucial step to learn more about your customer and what they are saying about your brand- is it love or hate? What are they saying when considering you, what are they saying post-purchase and can you use this to your advantage? This will help you uncover trends in your industry as well as help to build narrative around your brand.
  • Engagement- If I take out the time to talk about you online, I am either provoking you and/or praising AND I WANT TO HEAR BACK! Brands need to take responses more seriously. 20-40% more spend comes from customers who engage with companies. Brands choose to bombard consumers with any positive feedback, small or big to enhance the brand. Even if it is negative commentary, two-way communication is always appreciated and it is a form of validating your online presence.
  • Consistency- Develop a tone of voice and use these selectively across all your marketing channels. Your messaging across the board (website, social, email & in-store) should tell the same brand story and stay true to it. 


Depending on your outlook, people are either a lot fussier than before or just less susceptible to marketing bullsh*t & you are screwed if your brand lacks any truly distinguishing feature. In today’s day and age companies must own up to their mistakes, cut down on the sugar coating and just act more human when communicating online. Transparency is key and if brought to the forefront of your brands voice, it becomes a golden ticket towards building customer acquisition, loyalty and trust.


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