Facebook Expands Program for Local Publishers to All Regions

Earlier this year, Facebook announced a change to the platform’s algorithms, whereby local U.S. news and smaller publications would be given a boost as part of their broader effort to increase community engagement. Now, it has announced that it is expanding the News Feed change globally. But what does this mean for users? In a…

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Google Abuserank – should you* be scared?

You may have heard that Google has changed its search algorithm and with that change, instilled the word Abuserank forever into the minds of SEO experts. According to Google they were spurred into action by the story of Clarabelle Rodriguez and the shocking (and by shocking I mean truly abusive and in some cases illegal)…

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Decoding the Facebook algorithm

Brands on Facebook are a lot like teenagers in high school; both crave popularity. Conventional wisdom teaches us that to be popular you need to be seen fraternising with the cool kids. A recent study by The Daily Beast, however, reveals the quickest way to become popular on Facebook is to do the opposite. The…

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