How to create an impactful B2B brand story

General opinion is that consumer businesses have all the fun, right? They’re early adopters, the first to try new social networks, willing to take risks and are usually the most recognisable for award-winning campaigns. Yes, but also no. There’s an art to B2B marketing that requires originality and dexterity, where the wins will be much…

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Does storytelling have a place in the B2B world?

Regardless of the complexity of the sector or product, there is always a human story that can be told. It is this story that allows us to connect with B2B buyers on a personal level. While they may be key decision makers controlling the purse strings of a company, they’re still human. We all love a…

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The death of the whitepaper for B2B marketing?

Over the last few years, white papers have become extremely popular and effective as a content marketing tool for B2B marketers. With so many companies pushing their whitepapers, we now have a deluge of content. Has the white paper reached saturation point? White papers have gained significant adoption as an effective content tool, mainly due…

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Collaboration: the key to B2B lead generation

The way consumers purchase products has changed. The internet, and particularly social media, has transformed the ways in which consumers buy and research products. No longer do you simply walk into a shop and purchase a product you have never used before. Consumers are researching the product online: reading reviews, comparing price points, consulting blogs…

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3 social platforms you should not ignore in B2B

We spend a lot of our time with our B2B clients talking about, and operating in, LinkedIn, Twitter & YouTube. Whilst these platforms (for good reason, particularly LinkedIn) are taking the floor and presenting the most opportunities at the moment, it is important for Marketers not to become closed to the opportunities lying in other…

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Want your content to succeed on LinkedIn? Go visual

LinkedIn has gone visual. With the introduction of the feature a few months ago to allow companies to post presentations, images and videos on company page, LinkedIn is clearly embracing the shift towards visual content. We all know that LinkedIn is an effective social media network for B2B audiences, but how much? A recent study,…

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