Episode 21: Brands! Don’t get cancelled

  Ep 21: Brands! Don’t get cancelled Cancel culture has been around for almost two decades but, like most things, has accelerated in 2020. Businesses need to make sure they protect their reputation and adapt to changing audience behaviours. But where to start? We explore the things you need to think about to help you…

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200626_KH_Know Me

Episode 16: Enhancing brand trust with social

  Ep 16: Serious Social – Enhancing brand trust with social Social marketing will not make you trusted if you are not already on that path. But it will accelerate and enhance brand trust. Your strategy is to get your audiences to know you, like you and eventually, trust you. Social is your brand voice, building…

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200424_KH_Don’t Repurpose

Episode 6: No! Don’t just repurpose social content

  Ep 6: Serious Social – No! Don’t just repurpose social content So, how do we speed up creativity? How do we increase the relevancy for our audiences, and how do we create a well-oiled production machine? Katy outlines a framework for creating the right content under pressure. If you’re after more know-how to break…

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Why Brand is Important for B2B

In B2B marketing, it can be tempting to rinse and reuse marketing strategies that target decision-makers and upsell your offering. However, like the social media landscape, no formula for success remains the same. Just like B2C marketing, we need to factor in changing audience behaviours and the ways we reach them. Here are some important…

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Social Media Brand Workout

Here at immediate future we like to stay in shape. Whether it’s running the London Marathon or maintaining brand health, we are always on the ball. With that in mind, we put together the following Social Media Brand Workout to help you keep your brand in peak condition. Creating a recognisable identity for your product…

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7 brands and their Instagrams

With the high profile acquisition of Instagram by Facebook for $1bn there is a lot of speculation about Facebook’s plans for the photo editing/sharing mobile app. CNET and the Guardian’s coverage of the takeover are the most comprehensive CNET – Why Instagram just made the lives of Facebook’s IPO bankers a lot easier Guardian –…

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