What would Freud tell us about social media

What would Freud tell us about social media?

OK, I’m no psychologist, so I would have to hazard a guess on the applications of Freud’s psychodynamic theory to social media – I’ll leave that to the psychologists amongst us! What I can tell you though, is that thought processes and emotions play an important role in social media marketing, and should especially be…

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Content marketing in 2014: How B2B brands can excel

In our recent blog post, ‘6 social media 2014 predictions from some of the most influential industry authorities’ one of the core predictions identified for this year was to embrace the power of content. ‘All the research at the end of last year suggests that marketers know that content is crucial. And without a doubt…

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Give up thinking of Facebook as a free marketing channel. You need to invest in ads

Facebook jumps on the content bandwagon

Which social media site do you find is the best for breaking news? Twitter does tend to dominate this area, as it has that real-time analysis and opinion that other social networks cannot match. However, Facebook has updated its News Feed algorithm to get a piece of the action. Instead of ranking posts that you…

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More about Google+, Authorship and SEO

Any business, alert and looking to drive natural search is already running Google+ and Facebook accounts at the moment. Facebook because people are using it and Google+ because it is this persistent beast, which is ignoring popularity and instead providing fantastic ingredients for functionality and the ability to make you or your brand more famous.…

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Content Marketing – Making the Most of What You Have

Content is being created…quickly and in quantity! There is a vast amount of content being created in today’s world. Content makes the internet work and every second of every day ‘we’ are creating more content. Now in 2013, 9 out of 10 marketers are using content marketing, according to the Content Marketing Institute. 87% of…

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