The Importance of Community Management 

It’s the start of a new year, which means, new starts, fresh minds and maybe, a new social strategy? 🤷‍♀️Or maybe you just want to give your social strategy that extra boost? Either way, it’s time brands start utilising social media to develop relationships with consumers and gain a deeper understanding of their needs – introducing…

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Is social customer service overtaking traditional channels?

Customer service – a bugbear of many consumers, and the source of much frustration. Social customer service has long been seen as the much-maligned poorer cousin of traditional channels (call centre and email). But has the tide started to turn? According to Dimension Data, 35% of all customer service interactions are digital, and if growth continues…

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Why brands should not ignore customer queries on social

When it comes to customer service, consumers now expect to interact with the brands on their own terms – they want to receive a prompt response, on the channel of their choice, and a quick resolution to their problem. To put this into context, if a customer phones the call centre they expect a short…

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Using Twitter to complain – how effective is it?

How important is social media when it comes to engaging with your customers? Well if it’s being discussed on the BBC’s One Show, it must be! In last night’s episode, the show delved into the increasing numbers of consumers taking to Twitter as a forum to complain and the effectiveness of doing so. While customers…

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The importance of social media in customer service

Where would you ask a question or make a complaint about a brand? Via letter, phone call, email or social media? Customer service has rapidly progressed. Where once we would write a letter, walk it to the post office and expect a response within around 2 weeks, we now send a 140 character tweet to…

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Social customer service revolution is still going strong

It feels like a while since I last blogged about social customer care, despite it being one of the areas of social media management and strategy that fascinates me the most. In my time spent working in social media, I’ve observed brands and businesses evolve their clunky social care processes, into smart, well-oiled social service…

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