Is hashtagging on LinkedIn #WorthIt?

Social media is the place for meaningful conversations. Hashtags are a way for people to find and join particular conversations. Twitter was pretty centralised around hashtagging for conversational purposes. Facebook and Instagram jumped on the bandwagon too. LinkedIn introduced hashtags to the platform a hot minute after the rest of them, but, after two years…

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Cashtags in a bit of a hash?

Anyone who uses Twitter will know there are several keystrokes that can spice up the reading experience, and most importantly, add value. Handles (@) identify individuals or their companies on the micro-blogging site, and hashtags (#) provide a topical marker or context, allowing readers to discover more content on a subject that interests them, while…

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The curious case of the LinkedIn hashtag

    Ever since Chris Messina introduced the system of hashtagging to mircoblogging site Twitter in 2007 its popularity has grown to the point that it has been adopted by competing social media networks and has found a place in pop culture, with TV shows and music videos displaying the metadata tags. In February of…

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The Role of Social in Live Sporting Events #Wimbledon

With the success of the Olympics and Superbowl (a game like rugby except they have to wear padding so they don’t hurt themselves) it is undeniable, that social plays a key role in Live Sporting Events.  The content that can be generated around these events helps to paint a true picture, even the best coverage…

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#Hashtags: Coming to a Facebook page near you

The hashtag-obsessed world that we live in has just claimed another victim. After seeing the success of the use of the # on Twitter, Facebook has now unveiled clickable hashtags on their platform. The aim of hashtags on Facebook is to make it easier for users and advertisers to find hotspots of user activity around…

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How to use hashtags on Google+, Twitter and LinkedIn

Hashtags have become the standard way to label social media posts, not only on Twitter but also on Google+ and increasingly on LinkedIn. Monitoring hashtags is an easy way to spot a social media trend and to respond accordingly. However, it is rather unclear what kind of hashtags tend to trend on these three major…

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