Ep 4: Serious Social – Has our sense of community changed?

Ep 4: Serious Social – Has our sense of community changed? Social media is replacing some of the physical proximity we’re missing, brands have the chance to be a part of this right now. In this episode, Associate Director Belle Lawrence considers how the current climate is building digital communities. If you’re after more know-how…

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Is LinkedIn’s company engagement key for growth?

LinkedIn has just made a major change to the way brands can interact on the channel. They have just enabled company pages to respond as brand (as opposed to individual company members). Why is this significant you ask? Because it’s totally out of character for LinkedIn to make such a bold move not only for…

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Social Media. Shaken, not stirred

The Martini and Dolce & Gabbana partnership is an interesting one. One is an iconic, but slightly old-fashioned alcoholic drink, the other a high-end fashion house. Both are big Italian brands joining forces to launch new spirit, Martini Gold. The partnership was launched at the end of last year with a short movie which resembles a perfume ad. Although…

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