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Are you a hi-tech window shopper?

Mannequins turn hi-tech, revolutionising the window shopping experience, as a select number of retail outlets such as Hawes & Curtis’ in London, House of Fraser’s Aberdeen store and even our very own Bentalls in Kingston will be taking the lead in trialling the innovation. So what is it exactly? Using “beacon” technology installed into the mannequins,…

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Christmas shopping can be fun easy and stress free!

Christmas shopping can be fun, easy and stress free!

© Pinterest. Logo. It has become almost a British tradition that towards the end of November we start to worry about Christmas. Whether it be organising the turkey or decorating the Christmas tree, the whole ordeal can sometimes be a little overwhelming. Ultimately, the largest stress of all is trying to find that perfect gift…

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The Social Shopping Explosion. By Gender.

In October, we unveiled the findings of our social shopping research. We’ve therefore had a few months to turn the data over and tease out any interesting trends … “If you’d like to reach more women, you might like to consider incentivisation; but if you’re looking for brand advocates, it might be better to target…

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Buses, socks and online Christmas shopping trends

Did you know that… 1 in 3 men wait until Christmas Eve to finish their shopping. 56% of Americans sing holiday carols to their pets. And 17% of people who Christmas shop via mobile, will be doing it on the bus. This is the social shopping Christmas story … Buses, socks and online Christmas shopping…

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immediate Insights – Are customers the new product experts?

One of the most intriguing trends emerging from the social shopping explosion is the re-positioning of the consumer as product expert; the level of trust we now place on strangers. A recent post on ReadWriteWeb provided some further statistical evidence of this movement with specific reference to the travel industry. Referring to Kevin May’s review…

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What women want. The fashion shopper.

There’s a bit of a quirk emerging in the retail research report detail that, as a social media agency, we’re interested in exploring. It involves fashion. And women. And how we can’t get enough of talking about our clothing – yet we seem to have quite a clear idea of what we want to buy.…

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